4 Ways a Business Attorney Saves You Money

It doesn’t matter if you’ve just started your business or if you’ve been established for a long time. Either way, you probably want to find some ways to keep your expenses at a manageable level and save yourself some money. Every business has to deal with legal matters every once in a while, and it’s crucial that business owners understand how valuable a business attorney can be in those situations. There are a number of excellent firms and private attorneys such as May Law, and keeping a good attorney on retainer can help you to protect your company’s best interests while saving you money in the long run. Let’s have a look at 4 different ways you can save.
Choosing a Legal Structure – One of the most important decisions you will have to make regarding your business is choosing a legal entity. There are a number of options available, and each has its good and bad points. The legal entity type you choose can affect the amount of tax you or your business will have to pay, how you will go about paying those taxes, and how much exposure your company will have to personal liability. Have a good business attorney will help you to make the best possible decision so that you choose a legal structure that will be beneficial to you and your business and will help you accomplish your goals.
Business Transactions – When handling transactions between your business and others, it’s important that you understand all the terms set forth in whatever contract you intend to put in place between you. Legal jargon makes it very difficult to understand exactly what the terms are and what is being agreed to. Having a business attorney in your corner will help you to ensure that any negotiations are properly handled and that the final contract is crafted in a manner that will clearly reflect the terms to which both parties have agreed.
Employment Practices – When faced with hiring or firing your employees or independent contract, it’s smart to seek the advice of an employment lawyer. You must be certain that your employment practices are in compliance with federal laws and state laws. You could face government penalties if you incorrectly classify a contractor or employee. You could face lawsuits as well. A business attorney would help you get your employment practices and help keep you out of trouble.
Lease Agreements – Many businesses choose to lease some commercial space for their use. Leases of this type can be complicated. You need to understand all of the complex matters the lease covers. These types of leases also usually cover a long period of time, so you need to know exactly what your business is agreeing to before you sign on the dotted line. Having a good business attorney could help you to avoid agreeing to a lease that contains over-reaching terms which could result in a negative impact on your business’ chance of success.
These are just a few of the ways you can benefit by having a business attorney. If you’d like to get more detailed information or if you need a good business lawyer, head on over to http://www.MayLaw.com.

Web Design for Law Firms

Web designs for law firms create an online presence that helps the firm create the presence it needs to attract more and more clients. A law firm must market itself well if it has to thrive in this competitive field and the most important weapon of the marketing armoury is the internet. An aesthetically pleasing, easy to navigate, informative and supportive website is the best way to reach out to a large number of people and such web design for law firms create the bond that is needed between a service provider and the client. Another thing to know is that more of visitors will prefer more of personalized approach in sense that the legal representative images should signify true character of your law firm. Whenever you present your clients with content online, you should support all avers with most appropriate orientation and testimonials. This can encourage them more, instead hoping that the simple and easy unconfirmed report can catch their mind.

It means that all images should truly represent services that are offered by the firm, and interactive elements should be incorporated so visitors will find the web site very compelling and informative.
Layouts on your web site should be very user friendly with simple navigation tools & forms and compelling calls for action. It is to make sure that the potential clients can contact law firm right away after viewing site. Additionally, all pages and graphics should be optimized to load quickly and correctly on all the internet browsers as well as other application like mobile devices; come on all top search engines as well as collect appropriate data from each visitor.
It is all well & good hiring the company for law firm website design, however it can be of not any value if the potential customers aren’t seeing your web site. With high level of the competition on internet, your web site needs to get optimized rightly with right keywords, Meta Tags and hyperlinks. With help of the SEO tools, top search engines must identify each single web page on the web site and index it. When everything is said, the impressive law web design can make sure that all the visitors may turn out as the potential customers. Keep in mind that your web site can act as the gateway of the information so that your visitors may learn more about your firm.

Lawyer Marketing

Lawyer marketing is the term used to refer to legal advertising, client relations, cross selling and public relations. Be it an independent lawyer or a law firm, they need a platform to showcase their skills to reach more and more people. Lawyer marketing is the process which uses various publicity strategies to attract potential clients. This uses either print media or online marketing. Lawyer market has increased gigantically with the use of the internet as a source of advertising. Now lawyer marketing provides legal firms a greater reach, quick access to potential clients and new horizon for their practice.
Benefits of using internet at the attorney marketing tool
Connecting to your potential customers: You will find the prospect clients on internet, you just need to research on what they’re talking or asking about, you can join them in groups where they generally hang out on internet, and more
Connecting without marketing: We know how costly it will be to advertise law firms Some hundred of dollars for actual ad, mandatory contract lasting many months, or payment to State bar in order to review advertisement. We will side step all these expenses and connect with clientele very effectively using internet as a part of lawyer marketing tool kit. Making use of internet is totally different to marketing. That depends on State bar, you will be limited in the terms on what you also include on web site or not. Nevertheless, you will use internet to create the professional presence or develop the strategic alliances. You may do this by making use of professional social networks such as Linkedin, starting group linked to legal industry or inviting the prospective customers on Facebook, or placing yourself to your demographic by commenting at blogs, which relate to industry.
Read, Watch and listen: As you know, people enjoy getting information in many different ways. We know we skim by websites. Still, how many times you have found yourself listening on the podcast and watching short video on internet? These are the phenomenal lawyer marketing tools that are available to you in very little or no cost. They’re accessible to you & are very effective to engage attention of the potential clients. These attorney marketing are totally underutilized by the law firms. The attorney marketing is the phenomenal way of showing you are Tech saavy, knowledgeable of your legal field & accessible to your prospective clients.

Law Firm Marketing Strategy

Law firm marketing strategy is one of the most important tools used in creating a business that makes a profit. Competition is all around and the best ones are those who are willing to go the extra mile to establish a name for them. Law firm marketing strategy provides an edge over others because the firm which takes its advertising seriously does considerably well than others who do not. The local newspaper and the internet are two fields which must be exploited to the fullest. Advertisements, competitions, free legal advice for a limited period are some of the law firm marketing strategy that creates an interest in the people. Many law companies devote some resources to marketing and branding. They operate in misguided impression that company logo, the professional letterhead as well as slick looking cards will create the effective brand image. So, what they do not realize is brand goes beyond easy symbols & office supplies, and strategic law company branding is the indispensable part of business plan.

Successful marketing of the legal services needs that firm first position appropriately to reach the target audience. The potential clients won’t even have opportunity of assessing services in case they don’t know you’re there. You should project the brand on market, clearly communicating superior benefits that your firm will offer. As the law firm brand actually is built with time, all lawyers & staff should work together for reinforcing the initial efforts or integrate brand building strategy in different levels of business.

One crucial element in successful execution of the marketing plan is detailed analysis of the opposition. To excel in competitive environment, it’s very important you know what you’re up against. You have to learn about the tactics upfront instead learn about this after they’ve converted the prospects in clients. How have the competitors positioned the brand? How they have succeeded? Where has the strategy failed? What’re they doing or, as critical, what they are not doing? Knowledge is the power & thorough research will just strengthen your law company branding efforts. Also, you can detect these opportunities that can improve the public relations as well as marketing campaigns, and even discover the untapped revenue streams at the current market place. Law firm website design should get executed to quality standards that are projected by attorneys and partners at the practice.

Law Firm SEO

A law firm SEO is a group of techniques that provide a law firm website better chance to be searched by a search engine. However, law firms are not businesses that sell stuff and they need to be more elaborate and specific when they are marketing their services online. Law firm SEO is one of the tools they must use, however, it is not a single magic weapon that will bring them countless clients. A law firm must have really great content with the right keywords and a strong online presence apart from the law firm SEO to get good response from businesses and people.

SEO is the short form for Search Engine Optimization. The keywords should be used optimally. This means that they should appear sufficient times in any given article. The keywords should not be repeated at the expense of substance. For a lawyer, the keywords will arise from the kind of topic that you are dealing with. Ensure that the keywords are as stereotypical as possible to the niche that you want to handle. There are so many helpful websites out there but people cannot access them. The reason for this is simple: the articles they publish have not been optimized. This means that although the content that is used in the websites is relevant, the right keywords have not been used. This means that search engines will ignore the content and label it as irrelevant.
Law firm SEO will ensure that your website will appear on the first page whenever website visitors use your keywords. In the legal profession, the term is also used to refer to a professional who optimizes the website on your behalf. Some lawyers are too busy to write content that will make their websites appear on the first pages of all search engines. Someone has to do the work of writing information materials that have been optimized using particular keywords.

Legal Content
When it comes to the legal content, the way the information is presented will be very important for the site’s success. The professional team will help to prepare the content, which is compelling, keyword-rich and relevant to target all your areas and convey strengths of law firm. Layout and structure of website should be very consistent with the top areas of the practice & SEO campaign. Company responsible for law firm design must have the qualified graphics specialists that will integrate photos, images, graphics and typography to give design, which is seamless, no matter whether you want law firm for portraying traditional or modern look.

Law Firm Marketing

Law is a highly competitive field and without the right law firm marketing, a law firm can sit idle for a long time. There are plenty of ways to avoid this and by using the right strategies and techniques a law firm can become well known in its field. Law firm marketing, first of all, requires the will to provide complete professional assistance to the customers so they have faith in the firm. Law firm marketing creates that faith. There are plenty of ways through which a firm can market its service. The most important of these are an ad campaign, creating a professional website and getting involved in the community to make the contacts from clients. But in the end, it is the work that speaks and all the marketing strategies will fail if a firm cannot provide what it boasts of. Whenever people get involved in any injury, criminal problem or auto accident, first thing they may do is find the qualified lawyer to represent the case. Internet is a source to find professional in the area. Website of the law firm and lawyer helps people to choose if they need to consult lawyer or not. It’s very important to have strong presence online as well as higher ranks for website. When the user searches for specific kind of the attorney with location, they must find law firm at the first page results. The law firm marketing will increase search engine rank of the website.

Traditional types of the advertising the firm through radio, magazine, referrals and yellow pages are long gone. Also, one can increase sale of product using advertising online. Internet marketing will help you get the new clients without even spending a lot of money. Ultimate goal of online marketing is bringing up the new clients to law firm. You need to know about things that client can expect in website of law firm. You need to get into mentality of client while using SEO. You need to know about keywords the client can use while searching on the particular kind of the lawyer in area. Whenever you target keywords or increase rank of the website, you may easily get needed traffic for the website. Thus, internet is the best way you can find the law firm website very easily and hire the lawyer in a very simple and trouble free way.

3 Types of Medical Malpractice

Medicine is always associated with curing disease and sickness. Doctors are the ones providing this medicine, so they are even more looked up to considering they show character and personality. Although in most cases these doctors are good role models and deserve to be looked up to, sometimes this isn’t the case.

This is because some doctors don’t do a great job of keeping their patients 100 percent safe. This is called medical malpractice (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Medical_malpractice ) . This link to Wikipedia goes far in depth in order to show you what it is, but below we explain what it is in simple terms, and what the most common forms are.


Medical malpractice, or medical negligence, is when doctors don’t live up to standards when providing a patient with a service like surgery. Most of the time when these standards aren’t met it leads to injuries, which also leads to financial problems for the patient.

Doctors are humans just like us, so it is understandable that they make some mistakes. But, it isn’t understandable when doctor’s make mistakes that are easily avoidable. Certain mistakes seem to happen just because the doctor isn’t focused at all.

Types of Malpractice:

Zaid Law, a Houston injury law firm demonstrates that medical malpractice laws differ from state to state, (http://www.zaidlaw.com/personal-injury/texas-medical-malpractice-law/ ), but here are three of the most common.

Missed Diagnosis

If you’ve ever been to an emergency room you know that people come in all of the time over exaggerating their problems. Because of this doctors sometimes send patients home if the patient seems to calm down and feel much better within the doctor’s presence. But if that patient goes home and something goes seriously wrong, the doctor can be in trouble for a wrong diagnosis.


Anesthesia is an amazing way to knock patients out so the necessary procedure can take place. But, sometimes the wrong amount is given (too little, or not enough) and this can lead to problems for the patient and eventually a lawsuit.

Surgical Issues

Sometimes doctors make surgical mistakes which can lead to little problems noticed later in the patients life, or immediately. Also, some of the products can be defective which will obviously cause problems for the patient. Every situation will bring lawsuits.

How to Sue:

If you’re looking to sue because you think you were a victim of medical malpractice, you must first prove that you have an injury, second prove that the doctor made a mistake, and thirdly prove that the injury is directly related to the doctor’s mistake. For a Houston personal injury attorney, try Zaid Law.