New York City’s Gravity Knife Law Firm

Representing those arrested or convicted for gravity knife possession. 

NYC Gravity Knife Criminal Defense & Civil Lawsuits

The Law Office of Mark Marino is a criminal defense and civil litigation law firm that represents individuals who have been arrested or convicted for gravity knife possession.
If you fall into this category, you found the right law firm.

Civil Lawsuits

Mark Marino seeks to help individuals receive money damages by filing civil lawsuits for money damages.  The fact is, storeowners and manufacturers either knew (should have known) that they were selling illegal gravity knives to people who didn’t know any better.  Some storeowners were even caught on tape telling undercover policemen that they were selling illegal gravity knives.  The true victims were the buyers who were not warned and didn’t know these knives are illegal.


If you hire the wrong attorneys, a conviction for criminal possession of a weapon will follow you for the rest of your life.  Employers will ask you if you have a criminal record.  Colleges will ask you.  And mortgage lenders will ask.  Think about it: Explaining a conviction for “Criminal Possession of a Weapon” is tougher to explain than a DUI, even though you had no idea that gravity knives were illegal!

The Manhattan District Attorney found forty-one stores selling illegal gravity knives and switchblades in Manhattan alone.  If you purchased a knife anywhere in New York City – Brooklyn, The Bronx, Manhattan, Queens, or Staten Island – you should contact the gravity knife specialists at The Law Office of Mark Marino.

Criminal Defense


The firm’s criminal defense against gravity-knife related charges extends to criminal possession of a weapon and assault and battery.  Mark Marino and an affiliated firm have defended those with gravity knife-related desk appearance tickets and have even gotten an acquittal at a jury trial.  Again, this is all gravity-knife related.


Remember, if you are caught with a gravity knife, you are guilty of a crime.  No questions asked.  It doesn’t matter why you have the knife or what you plan on using it for.  This is a serious crime that can lead to probation, fines, and even jail time.  As discussed in the following section, this charge can have a damaging effect of your life.


You need attorneys familiar with this specialized field, and you will find them at The Law Office of Mark Marino.